Greek feta cheese (pdo) in brine 400g

For those who find pleasure in acquiring more of their favorite product, specifically cheese lovers, we doubled the portion of Feta Cheese to extend your savoring moments, fearless of using it up too soon.

Our premium Feta Cheese, a Protected Designation of Origin product, is composed by using only pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk form the Island of Mytilene. Feta Cheese matures in large barrels where, submerged in brine, it forms its creamy crumbly texture and sharp scent.

Try it on the side of Sun Dried Tomatoes Spread or oven-baked in foil with drops of Honey.

With respect to the environment, the premium quality packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

100% natural product without preservatives

Available in 400g drained weight (560g net weight)

*Refrigerated product, not available for purchases in the e-shop*

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