Greek feta cheese (PDO) in brine, 800g

When you think of Greece, besides the deep blue sea, sandy beaches, and never-ending sun, you think of food. Mediterranean, traditional, healthy, delicious Greek food. Feta Cheese is absolutely significant to our culinary habits and worldwide famous for its inexhaustible uses in the cuisine.

Our high quality Feta Cheese is a Protected Designation of Origin product. It is made with balanced analogy from sheep and goat’s pasteurized milk from Mytilene Island, brined and buttery with a creamy effect, salty and tangy with a fine yogurt aroma, produced uniquely for us.

Feta Cheese is best eaten with sprinkled Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herbs Seasoning Mixes.

With respect to the environment, each packaging is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

100% natural product without preservatives

Available in 800g drained weight (1200g net weight)

*Refrigerated product, not available for purchases in the e-shop*

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