Spitiko hessian bag with leather details


This stylish shopping bag is handmade with exquisite craftsmanship, love for the consumer and passion for design. The production process from fabrics to finalized product is all done by hand. The textile is 100% hessian with premium details of 100% real leather. We strongly advise to only dry clean so as to avoid hurting this delicate leather and hessian artwork.

What is unique about this bag is the double face. Alternate your style and choose which color fits your liking according to the occasion. Carry it with the pure beige side out or reverse it to the beige with grey stripes. The elegant beige hessian is perfectly combined with brown leather straps and provides a fabulous combination of textures. Due to being spacious, it is efficient to use for daily grocery shopping, at the beach, for a trip as a carry-on, supplementary for office use, outdoors activities.

Details: brown leather handle straps

Dimensions: 45cm L, 17cm W, 39cm H (17.71*6.69*15.35”)

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