Spitiko stonewashed lunch bag with leather handles


This stylish lunch bag is handmade with exquisite craftsmanship, love for the consumer and passion for design. The production process from fabrics to finalized product is all done by hand. The textile is 100% cotton and 100% burlap with premium details of 100% real leather. We strongly advise to only dry clean so as to avoid hurting this delicate leather artwork.

This beige backpack lunch bag is cased in the interior by a water-proof and stain-proof thin layer thus offering additional protection for your bag, However, we suggest being careful with food and beverages you carry inside as the fabric is sensitive and may not offer full protection in case of damage.

The use of this bag handy is limitless, for food and beverages, personal belongings of frequent use, casual handbag, carry-on, for baby toiletries.

Details: light brown leather backpack straps, bag hatch top, front tie.

Dimensions: 24cm L, 24cm W, 28cm H (9.44*9.44*11.0”)

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