Vinegar with tangerine and spices, organic, 200ml


The silky oak color of the Organic Vinegar with Tangerine and Spices is a promise to elevate any dish, from leafy green salads to assortments of cheeses with jams.

The reduced grape must is selected carefully and blended with clove and cinnamon essence. The aromas unfold delicately in every drop, citrus fruity in the beginning with a spicy sweet aftertaste.

Discover the edgy side of this nectar with figs and mascarpone cheese, sundried fruits and honey, prosciutto with melon.

With respect to the environment and our customers, we use high-end packaging.  Our designer bottle is premium quality glass, painted and silk-printed, reusable, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

100% natural product without preservatives

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