Food Quality and Safety Policy

The policy of DSAM CONSULTING S.A. is to respond to and be consistent with its customers’ requirements, transporting safe products that fully satisfy the requirements of modern consumers and statutes.
Therefore, the company is bound to and always aims at transporting products which:

  • conform to the standards, regulations and provisions that concern them
  • are suitable for their intended uses

The company’s operating guidelines is product safety and quality, provided to customers at every level. In order to achieve the above, all company activities are suitably designed and controlled.
The company’s Management therefore acknowledges the need to establish and implement a Food Safety Management System which enables identifying, assessing and controlling risks in order to ensure product Hygiene and Safety and which is fully consistent with the requirements of the ISO 22000:2018 international standard.
The Food Safety Management System covers all food products marketed by the company. This system is continually improved in order to always cover our customers’ ever-increasing expectations as well as market and statutory requirements in accordance with the latest scientific data.
In the context of this policy, the company monitors its customers’ needs and food market developments and remains consistent with legislation and regulations, so as to be able to offer products that ensure that customer requirements and expectations are met.
The goals which the company continuously and systematically endeavours to achieve include:

  • continually ensuring the safety of the products being sold
  • continually monitoring suppliers and sub-contractors to prevent deviations from specifications
  • continually improving the number of findings of internal and external inspections, aiming at bringing customer complaints down to zero
  • continuously improving customer satisfaction.

Management is committed to providing all the resources necessary for the application and effective operation of the Food Safety Management System, creating and establishing a culture throughout its staff and associates, reviewing the system, notifying staff of any changes and communicating it to all stakeholders.
It is the duty of all staff members to provide the company with all four pillars of this policy, namely

  • implementation of the Food Safety Management System
  • customer satisfaction
  • continual improvement
  • establishment of a corporate food safety culture.

K. Nikolopoulos

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