Black Truffle carpaccio in Exrta Virgin Olive Oil, 30gr


If you are an enthusiast for originality you will fall in love with our Black Truffle Carpaccio.

Less subtle than the White Truffle, the Black Truffle embodies a melody of flavors, where you can taste notes of strawberries, dried fruits and cocoa. In contrast to White Truffle, the tastefully expands to bitter and peppery, garlicky and musty when Black Truffle is heated, thus transforming our palate into a rainbow of flavors just like a transitional journey of savory delights.Our Black Truffle Origin comes from Grevena, Northern Greece.

With respect to the environment and our customers, we use high-end packaging. The deluxe glass jar with a wooden cap is reusable, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

100% natural product without preservatives

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